MIHARAYASUHIRO 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

February 1, 2014

 photo miharayasuhiro-06-fall-winter-collection-06_zps7f626ee2.jpg

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Japanese, Miharaya Suhira unveiled his fall/winter 2014 collection which largely featured dark colored high quality and stylish well designed clothes. Among his collections are well designed bomber jackets which look stylish and come in different colors of Navy, brown, beige, and grey. They are made of high quality woolen material which makes them look unique and smart. They match very well with round necked t-shirts and tight trousers.

They are styled in buggy and knee long. Coats are also available in different colors and styles. They appear in Navy, grey, and beige. They appear in two and three button-hole and are made from very high quality woolen material. They match very well with long sleeved shirts. Various types of jackets are also, they are made from high quality woolen and leather material. They also appear in different dark colors and match very well with tight trousers.

Great looking sweat pants are also available. They appear in different beautiful colors and appear unique. They match well with the bomber jackets. They are made from high quality woolen material and are durable. Sweaters and cardigans are also available. They are made from good quality woolen material and appear in different unique and beautiful colors. Miharyasuhira has used unique Nordic and Asian designs in his collection which has made the designs unique and stylish. All are of high quality and look gorgeous and stylish.


2 Responses to MIHARAYASUHIRO 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

  1. sherry ann gole cruz on February 8, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    well i love the number 3,look more elegant and decent and you could wear on any occasion!

  2. Helena on February 14, 2014 at 10:00 am

    So lovely collection!

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