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lovely Wedge White Sandals At

September 28, 2017

People of fashion industry often says that you should be versatile on your fashion statements. Because as the season comes new set of finds were also invading the industry thus you should get to used to wear anything that are in trend, at the moment, as you keen yourself to be fashionable as often you wanted.

Today, let me tell you what’s the leading find you should get for the fall season and that was Wedge White Sandals that you can buy off at this online shop called The shop is based online basically and they did caters all the fashion style and finds you might needed as you trying to pull off a certain statement for your own fashion sense. You can definitely check them out yourself and see what are the things they can offer you best.

But if you were asking for the best wedge shoes available to their shop at the moment, you can see my picks below for your references.

Woven Belt Wedge Heel Sandals

Rhinestones Heart Pattern Sandals

Woven Belt Wedge Heel Sandals

These are the most lead on my picks and if any of these haven’t get your interests, you are free to visit the mentioned shop yourself and see what are the things that can help you stand your style.

Go check today and shop all you fashion desire and make your style more worthy and effortless!

fragment design x Casio G-Shock DW-5600 for Ron Herman Japan’s 5th Anniversary

August 27, 2014

 photo fragment-design-x-casio-for-ron-herman-japan-5th-anniversary-dw-5600-1_zps8a17599e.jpg

Even though, I really dont like the new made g-shock but I got no choice just to post it up here. LOL Kidding aside, this watch it is just fine on me but not my style though. But I think, others can even pull this off without hesitation at all. This watch is actually an collaboration piece of the brand G-Shock and fragment design for Ron Herman Japan’s 5th Anniversary which they made it all white with the blue-ish kind of screen to give an highlight for the clock digits. Though this watch is quite simply but I think the 2 brands made this in purpose that may turns this out like this one.

And as Ive heard, this watch isn’t finalized yet so we could expect something better as it fully released soon. Meantime, let me finish this of and I’ll just keep you updated once I got further details about it soon.

Google glass

May 2, 2014

 photo Google-Glass_zps49407e58.jpg

Google glass is a wearable computer with OHMD (optical head-mounted display) developed by Google in their research and development project named Project Glass. Their mission is to produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer.

Google is considering partnership with sunglass retailers such as Warby Parker and Ray-Ban since the frames do not currently have lenses fitted to them. They may open retail stores to allow customers to try on the device. On the side of Google Glass is located a touchpad which allows users to control the device by swiping through an interface displayed on the screen. It also has the ability to record 720p HD videos and take photos. Google Glass uses many existing Google applications such a Google Maps, Google+, Google Now and Gmail.

In 2012, Google Glass received recognition as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year 2012” by Time Magazine.

But of course nothing is perfect. On 31 July 2013, it was reported that diving while wearing Google Glass is likely to be banned in UK being deemed careless driving and therefore a fixed penalty offense following a decision by the Department for transport. In October 2013, a driver was ticketed for driving with monitor visible to driver (Google Glass) after being pulled over for speeding. The driver was reportedly the first to be ticketed for driving while wearing a Google Glass.

Best Bags For Every Man

February 28, 2014

 photo totelookbook_zps02e00c3a.jpg

Nowadays, women are not the only ones who are fashionable. Men are holding their ground and any fashionable man knows that bags have become a necessity as well as a style accessory. Men’s bags are functional, masculine, and the ultimate addition to any modern wardrobe. If you like to use bags but do not know which one would suit your needs and look best on you, just stick with a classic type.

There are many types of men’s bags that can be used with either casual or business attire. A lot of guys carry messenger bags which are often made from canvas and worn across the shoulder. The messenger bag’s laid back style has become a staple for male urban fashionistas. I often use them with casual clothes but they can sometimes be used even when you are in formal attire. Another type of bag is the tote. It is often paired with business and casual clothes. Its basic design and usual soft leather exterior gives it a classic status while its long handles give it a modern touch. Guys also like carrying a holdall for business and leisure trips. Its usual leather exterior makes it elegant and fashionable.

I do not just like using bags but I also give them away as gifts to the special women in my life. If you want to buy unique and pretty bags, you can do so at Reef. This environmentally conscious brand sells shoes, apparel, accessories, bags etc. for men, women, and kids. A bag that many women would love is the Reef Weekender Bag which features handwoven textiles from Guatemala. Each bag is distinct and handmade with a roomy main compartment with zipper closure. Other notable features are its leather adjustable shoulder and handle straps and convenient zipper patch pocket.

Another nice gift is the Reef Backpacker which also features handwoven textiles from Guatemala with creamy Nubuck leather. It has adjustable leather shoulder straps, top flap with buckle closure, exterior zipper pocket compartment, interior drawstring with magnetized snap closure, and convenient interior zipper patch pocket. The Reef Pocket Book is also a nice wallet purse that girls can use while strolling in the mall or just about anywhere. This one-of-a-kind, handmade wallet has hand woven floral textiles recycled from traditional Guatemalan blouses. It likewise has removable thin leather shoulder strap and button closure. It has enough pockets for your cards and money. When you buy these bags, you are also helping craftspersons in San Antonio Palapo, Guatemala because every purchase gives an adequate income for them.

Loopwheeler x NEXUSVII Fleece Hoodie

January 20, 2014

 photo loopwheer-nexus-vii-fleece-hoodie-1_zps259b6d04.jpg

Loop wheeler is a Japanese cotton specialist, and in collaboration with Nexus vii comes up with a unique high quality and beautiful fleece hoodle. This high quality hoodie is made of the best quality cotton fabric. It is a unique latest arrival hoodie in the market. It comes in a beautiful grey color. The arms, button parts and the button strap up to the collar  are light grey while the other parts are dark-grey. Being made from the best cotton fabric makes the hoodie very warm, soft and comfortable. It has a high quality inner lining which makes it warm and suitable for the cold season.

The hoodie is weaved in a unique style, in the low-tension knit which leads to the best result. It has a center button which runs through from the collar to the bottom. It also has two side pockets which are hollow and comfortable. It has a ribbed cuffs and bottom hem which makes it more unique and beautiful. It comes in different sizes to suit all in the market; it is available in small, large and extra large sizes. However long it is used or worn, it maintains its texture, and does not shrink or stretch. The hood matches very well with any high quality trouser, synthetic or woolen long and short-sleeved shirts of any colors. It can also match well with round-neck t-shirts.

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