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Things to Remember When Buying a Watch Online

April 1, 2014

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Like most men, I love watches. I have been collecting them since time immemorial and I must say that I have quite an impressive collection that is the envy of a lot of my friends. Although most of them are not luxury timepieces, I am sure I will still get a hefty amount if ever I decide to sell them. Most of the time I buy my watches at a brick and mortar store, but there were instances when I bought them online. This can be both fun and challenging because there are many choices available, making it hard to choose. You can find affordable watches as well as luxury brands online. Make sure though that you have enough basic knowledge to shop online for the right watch or else you would end up buying a replica instead of an authentic watch that you have been dying to purchase.

Before you decide to buy a watch, check first the website’s purchase protection. Do not buy a watch from a site that has no purchase protection. Many sites spend a lot of money on sophisticated technology that would ensure that no fraudulent transactions are made and that shoppers are able to buy with confidence. Only shop at a reputable store if you are buying a luxury timepiece, carefully check if they are a member of any accredited organization and make sure that they have a guarantee and return policy. You also have to be wary of luxury watches that are too affordable. If the price is too good to be true, then it is probably a fake.

One site where you can purchase men’s watches at extremely affordable prices is They have a huge variety of men’s watch available at amazing prices. Take for instance the Casio MQ24-7BLL men’s watch which sells for only 8.03 pounds. There are also many popular brands like Timex Gents, Urban Male, Puma Active, Timberland, Kahuna Gents, Ice-Watch, Thomas Earnshaw, and Marc Ecko. With over 2,000 watches to choose from, there is definitely one for every kind of guy. Remember, buying a watch online is fun and extremely safe if you shop at secure sites like Tesco.


Smart toothbrush

February 21, 2014

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It sounds kind of stupid right? I mean a smart toothbrush? Well that exists now! For all those parents that are tired of nagging their kids to brush their teeth, this is their new ally!

A French company has introduced what they’re calling the world’s first connected electric toothbrush, which syncs wirelessly with a smartphone to track brushing habits, announce whether you, or your kids, have brushed thoroughly enough and reward you for good oral hygiene.

For extra motivation, or shaming, the brush can share information with your social network or even your dentist.

This device costs between $100 and $200.

It works just like a regular toothbrush, the only difference is that all the data is stored on your phone so you can see how you’re brushing. Users download a mobile app and connect via Bluetooth, and the Kolibree documents every brushing via three sensors that record:


  1.  how long you brush
  2. whether you brush all four quadrants of your mouth
  3. whether you brush up and down (good) instead of just side to side (bad).


The data automatically syncs to your Android phone or iPhone, telling you whether you brushed long enough and reached all the crucial areas of your teeth and gums. The Kolibree app charts your progress and scores your brushing technique to encourage you, or your kids, to improve brushing habits.

Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt Canvas Collection

February 7, 2014

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Louis Vuitton unveils another stylish collection the iconic ‘Damier’ pattern. This is a collection of stylish and high quality looking bags of different types, styles and designs. He showcases bags of different types. Travelling bags are available in different styles. Available is the Neo Greenwich pm, a small portable bag of very high quality, it is made from very high quality fabric, is strong and durable and looks very smart and stylish. There is the keepall 45 Bondouliere. All these are classified as Damier Cobalt collection and they are of very high quality.

They are made of very high quality leather fabric, are strong and durable. He also has small leather goods mostly purses for women. They appear in different electrifying colors, are made with high quality fabric and are durable. Compact wallets are also available in different colors and designs and they are classified as Marie-Lou compact wallets.

They are compact and fit easily in the hands. Other items in his collections are handbags for both men and women, the most popular ones for women are the Capusines, top handles, shoulder bags, cross body bags, mini bags and many others. All these bags are of high quality and, they are made from very high quality materials in leather and look stylish and gorgeous. They are durable. In his collection are other collections like the technical travelling suitcases. These collections are for both men and women.

John Galliano 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

January 10, 2014

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John Galliano in collaboration with designer Bill Gay has launched some of the best athletic wear collections for the 2014 Fall/Winter. In his collections, are very high quality jackets which come in different styles. These jackets are made from different fabrics, there are some made of leather, synthetic fabrics and woolen fabric. They come in different designs and beautiful colors. In his collections are also beautiful and high quality overhaul leggings. These come in different styles and patterns which are beautifully and geometrically patterned. Very beautiful and high quality God-father rounded hats are also among his collections. These are made from the best woolen material and look very stylish when matched with the available jackets. He also showcases his beautiful sweaters and pullovers which come in different styles and designs.

These are beautifully multi-colored and are made from thick soft woolen material which makes them soft, warm and comfortable when worn. He also has slim-fitted very beautiful and stylish shirts which match very well with the jackets and pullovers. The shirts come in different colors, designs, some are short and others are elongated and match well with the beautifully designed jackets. In his collections are very beautiful canvas shoes which also come in different colors, styles and designs. The shoes match very well with the skin-tight overhaul leggings which are uniquely colored and designed.

Hermès 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

January 7, 2014

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Hermes unveils his 2014 Fall/Winter collection with high quality styles and designs. He unveils various high quality jackets. These come in different styles and designs, each unique in its own way. The jackets are made from high quality leather and woolen material. The finishing is very professionally done and gives them a stylish look.

They are available in the knee-long style and the short-jackets. They also appear in the button-hole style and the zipper types. In his collection are also very unique high quality trousers which come in different styles and design. They come in different colors of brown, blue, grey, black.

They are made from high quality woolen and synthetic fabric and look stylish. They match very well with the jackets and overcoats. He also has high quality shoes. The shoes are available in different colors and styles and are durable and strong. The trousers are very well matched with beautiful pullovers. These appear in round neck and in different colors.

The pullovers are made from very high quality woolen fabric and they look stylish. In his collections are high quality shoes. These appear in different colors of black, and brown. They are made of high quality leather fabric and matches well with the trousers and jackets. He also showcases his leather handbags which come in different colors, styles and designs. He also has high quality long sleeved shirts in various colors which match well with the trousers. The shirts are in different styles and colors.


December 17, 2013

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Dimitri Gomez plies his trade at his shop inside the Crocket and Jones store located at 14Rue chauveau- Lagarde in Paris.

All of Gomez shoes are hand crafted and original. He is an experienced, talented and an expert in making shoes. He makes a wide variety of shoes of different sizes, styles, colours. He is one of the most talented bespoke shoemakers in the world.

Clients depend on Dimitri’s expertise, originality and creativeness to realize their inspirations. He is a shoemaker who turns other peoples’ dreams into masterpieces of elegance and beauty. He offers a very broad selection of various high quality shoes with unique patterns. He designs his shoes from rare hides from the best tanneries. He designs and constructs unique works which reflects individual desires. Some of his best collections are, the “Tweed and calf Balmoral”. This comes in two colors, black and dark brown, it is made from high quality crocodile hides, Elephant hides and shark hides. It comes in different sizes and matches well with a grey checked coat. Another best collection is the “Antelope Derby”, a cream white shoe with a strap. It is made from crocodile hide. The “semi brogue oxford, ‘Two eyes’, ‘prince of wales derby’ , ‘The Norwegian welted 3 eyelet derby. The 1930s fancy oxford, The Norwegian welted monstrap. The Response oxford which was created for a Japanese customer has a Cuban heel centered slightly inwards with a deeply beveled and fiddled waist. One of the best collections is also the Bespoke, a court shoe with traced facings and a toe cap.

Dimitri designs his shoes from high quality hides of elephants, crocodiles and sharks. His shoes are prized reasonably and are of the highest quality. They all come in different shapes, sizes and beautiful colours.

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