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Zaful Christmas sales

December 21, 2017

Everyone’s pretty excited for the Christmas day to come as people are getting a lot of love by receiving gifts for friends and loved ones. And of course, in  return you should give out some too especially for your family and loved ones. But the big problem was, it’s really kinda hard for us to pick an items to give out hence you really have to have an Christmas gifts ideas. And for that, I really suggesting you to check online on what are the best gift ideas for this festive event.

Drop Shoulder Drawsting Contrast Hoodie

Drop Shoulder Drawsting Contrast Hoodie

Zipper Color Block Windbreaker Jacket

Zipper Color Block Windbreaker Jacket 

Floral Appliques Ribbed Hem Shearling Sweatshirt

Floral Appliques Ribbed Hem Shearling Sweatshirt

If you don’t have to get yourself hassled. I may suggest you this online shop that caters almost all the best gift ideas around and they’re calling themselves as where all the elite items were houses and yet selling for the a very reasonable prices. In fact, the shop is having an Christmas deals 2017 before the year’s end which is pretty cool because not all of the online shops really offers Christmas deals that is a big plus when shopping in budget. You may see the shop yourself and pick what you think is best to give out for your loved ones this festive season.

Belted Striped Cami Dress

Belted Striped Cami Dress

V Neck Striped Slit High Low Dress

V Neck Striped Slit High Low Dress 

With all the people, I can say that I was one for those frugally shoppers hence taking advantage with  Christmas 2017 zaful really matters to me and you can try it out as well and am pretty sure you’ll enjoy your shopping experience like I did most of the time.

Zaful Double 11 sale! Breakdown price with only $1.1!

November 1, 2017

Are you wondering what is Zaful Double 11( Well, “Double 11” means November 11th, which is a day when Chinese people go on massive Internet shopping sprees because many online stores offer huge discounts on this day. In recent years, double eleven has become China’s e-commerce industry’s annual event, and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry.

This is the day for crazy shopping, everything you found is on big sale! This special day should be spread across the globe. So here it is! We invite you to join this insane annual event. If you miss it, you will regret it.

Zaful Double 11 Pre-heat

During our Zaful Double 11 pre-heat, there are several things you could do:

1.Get a coupon and ready for the Double 11, you’ll be able to get coupon codes up to$100 off! These coupons will be activated after the Double 11 events begin. Be smart and win at the starting line!

2.Daily check-in for massive Z points!  50 Z Points = $1. When you collect a minimum of 50 Z Points, you can use them for discounting the order price.

  1. Some products will be revealed during pre-heat. Can’t wait for that long and want to aim your targets earlier? No problem! This might be the only chance to get them at this price!


Zaful Double 11 begin

To make sure you’ll enjoy your crazy shopping trip in Zaful Double 11, we offer you these things to help:

  1. Free shipping, no more issues for the annoying shipping fee! Breakdown price zone with everything starts from $1.11! Daily check-in is still available, claim your free Z points.

2.Huge deals of Zaful double 11. All free shipping!

Blackhead Zit Acne Portable Pore Cleanser

USE CODE: ZFDB01 to get this with$3.5

CAFELE 4 in 1 SIM Card Adapter Micro + Dual Nano Kit with Eject Pin

USE CODE: ZFDB02 to get this with$0.1

Charging Cable with 14cm Length for Xiaomi Miband 2

USE CODE: ZFDB03 to get this with$0.1

More deals are waiting for you during the Double 11 sales. Please keep in mind! It is time to get serious. In fact, so many decent products with a breakdown price is really rare, don’t you agree? Seize your opportunity!

Being Fashionable Even During Winter

March 6, 2017

It is not only in the summer that you get to showcase your penchant for fashion. Being stylish knows no season. You will look your best and dress to the nines even if it is winter if you are a truly fashionable man. Getting ready for the onslaught of winter with sweaters, gloves, hats, and scarfs is often a hard thing but it is an opportunity to show how much of a stylish man you are. Wool sweaters and jeans are absolutely needed but it does not have to be limited to only these clothing items because you can actually have more choices to include into your fashion repertoire during winter. If you want to look more formal, wool tweeds and cashmere are the best.

Go for wool men’s sweaters and layer them with turtlenecks paired with jeans or cotton khakis or cotton collared cotton shirts for a more casual vibe. The best layering piece would have to be the vest. To keep your arms covered, throw it over a sweater. Put on a classic winter hat like fedoras, basic ski caps, bowlers, and newsboy hats. You can likewise wear overcoats like leather car coat, leather bomber jackets, and oversize puffer jacket like padded and quilted jackets. Always remember that your winter clothes should be fashionable and functional if you are going for a sporty look. The fabric of the clothes should protect you from severe weather conditions.

Come winter time, make sure that you already have a raincoat, a slim wool coat, a heavy nylon jacket with removable layers, and at least two pairs of gloves in your closet. You should also have stylish winter boots and scarfs in various colors and designs. You can shop at online stores for all these items. Include a longline winter jacket, which Plus 2 Clothing ( carries, in your shopping list.

Reasonable Dresses to have

January 9, 2017

I know most of you young ladies out there are quite stress now as the promenade is fast approaching. I really cant blame you for being freak in this occasion as I am myself been there too and I know how it feels. That’s why I am here to help you out to know where you could buy off your lovely and chic dress for the night. I know too, that you want something quirky that can definitely turn the men’s heads as you walks toward the stage and of course you are dreaming off to be the gel of the night, right? hence it’s just right for you to have a such elegant dress like what you are seeing on the top photo.

This dress is from the awesome online store called where all the lovely and chi dresses for promenade and even in any formal and casual events that you may need to attend in the future, all dresses were selling here in there very reasonable and cheap prices. To know about this, you can check the site for yourself for you to see on how great their each dresses were.

If you were asking me though, in which type of dresses you should go on. I think this Cheap Backless Formal Dresses is a must, why? because price wise it is cheap and doesn’t breaks the pocket much and as for the design it is really trendy these days and can really makes you stand out for sure as you wear this kind of dress for your promenade, especially.

For more details and more selection of dresses that you might consider for the events, please do check this link here : where they listed out all the latest down to the cheapest dresses they’ve got in store for you.

Trend: Superb homecoming dresses that every women should have

August 7, 2015

 photo cute-yellow-sweetheart-mini-organza-homecoming-cocktail-dress-cwb0237-a_zpsqfi6ejfq.jpg

Looking for the versatile kind of dresses that you can rock on in any occasions may up on your way these coming months ahead? Yes? I know most of you gels are pretty must busier as the BER months comes. Because a lot of gatherings from company where you’re currently in are hosting this yearly events that you employees are mandatory to attend with, or else you might not get the bonus on hand, right? hahah That’s why if I were you I’ll be seeking some dresses now preferable to homecoming dresses 2015 because these dresses where ones on trend today and these dresses are usually versatile that can you be wear off in any type of parties you have.

 photo sheer-neck-mint-illusion-short-a-line-zipper-homecoming-cocktail-dress-ccl0077-a_zps19smdy5w.jpg

You can actually wear them in weddings as you’re an attendees and you can still wear it off in any birthday parties like your friend’s debut or simple occasions. All you have to do is to know on where to buy homecoming dresses under 100 hence it wont be so hurt on your pocket that much. I actually knew some online shops that offers cheapest homecoing dresses on sale and one of them was this Wishesbridal where all the lovely and elegant dresses were houses. I actually encourage you all to have your dress here because their each items were indeed superb and most of them are gone wore by these famous celebrities from their red carpet premier, weddings and either to their own engagement parties.

Wishesbridal is one of the reputable online store today when it comes to dresses and wedding. They did got some talented staff who’re working inside the company who can give you what do you deserved and what you expected it for your gowns to be. You can even ask for the custom made dresses as you really fond of doing it so. All you have to so is to get them in line and proposed all the details needed and from there they can make your dress in reality in the timely fashion.

Shopping in the frugal way

April 8, 2015

 photo happy_zpsqqinmr9u.jpg

On today’s fashion. There were a bunch of pieces that peeps are getting crazed, and I may say that I was one person who truly pleased to have them all – if I can. But most of these items are those in high-end brands meaning the usual price tags are not in real or others found it too expensive to consider. However, there were some things that you should try most especially if you keen to have these items online instead of buying them over the nearby mortar stores. Other people waits on the season’s sale were these brands are fond of giving off some discounted on their specific items but not at all because they still need to keep the quality of their brands thus only selected items they can only be on sale.
 photo happy1_zpsnyn1upu0.png

There were online stores such Ebay,Jabong and Myntra that can give all you needs – as we speaks to fashion. Because a lot of merchants are posting there plus their caters some of their own brands as well which are not outdated in the industry nor left by the fashion trends these days, hence we better yet check these sites as we wanted ourselves to be looking neat and fine through the items they were selling. But the problem is, these stores haven’t offers some discounts because they were just usually the third person seller but you know what? I’ve found one awesome coupon code site that can give you a unique code that we can use as we checkout and have our item’s price lessen and made it way affordable for us. And am telling about this site called HAPPYCHECKOUT.IN the site is originally in India and caters a bunch of brands and stores for your convenient.

HAPPYCHECKOUT is one of the reputable online coupon site I know since I’ve partake myself to the online fashion and stores industry. And am telling you that this coupon site is pretty legit and they were indeed awesome by giving out all the new discounted coupons that we can use in mostly well know stores and brands today. I suggest you then to check them out and see for yourself on how they’d work hard just to give us these  discounted codes for us to enjoy shopping, of course in the frugal way which I know most of your are fond on doing, right? Yes! Even myself I really liked buying my stuff using these magical codes that is pleased to share.

CLOT Introduces SILK

February 2, 2015

 photo clot-introduces-silk-2_zpsd975df11.jpg

This new in piece got my attention. Because it is indeed quirky plus it is inspired to a Japanese kimono, I supposed. That is why I’ve decided to include this out here though I am not that familiar to the brand itself nor heard about them on the past. But still, I’d liked them to be included here as part of my archives and I might stumble upon on the brand store soon as I roam in the other countries these following months ahead.

 photo clot-introduces-silk-1_zps508c6647.jpg

By the way, this piece called Silk and am pretty sure that it made of silk itself and the brand CLOT has the full responsible on releasing this out over the market today. As of now, I havent know any further details about his piece like the availability of it and the pricing ranges, but soon enough as the other brands are starting releasing their own collections as well. The brand Clot will update us regarding their new piece here. Also, I’ll keep you posted once I gotta the updates.

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