fragment design x Casio G-Shock DW-5600 for Ron Herman Japan’s 5th Anniversary

August 27, 2014

 photo fragment-design-x-casio-for-ron-herman-japan-5th-anniversary-dw-5600-1_zps8a17599e.jpg

Even though, I really dont like the new made g-shock but I got no choice just to post it up here. LOL Kidding aside, this watch it is just fine on me but not my style though. But I think, others can even pull this off without hesitation at all. This watch is actually an collaboration piece of the brand G-Shock and fragment design for Ron Herman Japan’s 5th Anniversary which they made it all white with the blue-ish kind of screen to give an highlight for the clock digits. Though this watch is quite simply but I think the 2 brands made this in purpose that may turns this out like this one.

And as Ive heard, this watch isn’t finalized yet so we could expect something better as it fully released soon. Meantime, let me finish this of and I’ll just keep you updated once I got further details about it soon.

Buy Online Footwear For Women

August 13, 2014

 photo shoe-category_zpsb514a57c.jpg

Girls loves to shop, whether online or in the mortar stores. Because in this way, they can de-stress themselves in the daily toxic they’d be getting out in work which pretty legit neither actually for guys. I think, we have to do this, shopping, at least once a week so that we can feel great and start the drowning workloads again in the following weekdays. I know most of you can relate on what am taking about here, right? so – why not to try to treat yourself in awhile and avoid the stress in the weekend? great idea right? but I know either that you have to consider your budget for it and that is why am here to help you learn on how you can often shop in the tight budget.

Girls are more than fascinated in footwear than to the apparel itself, I guess. So – I am more than pleased to help you with this. You can actually shop online for it because in online there’s a tons of shopping sites that has an wide variety to footwear to choose from with. Also, you could find the quirky finds that can surely make you dope as you wears them in you.

Upon shopping online. You can try to search some koovs coupons and offers that you may use while shopping because this can help you lessen the item’s prices and made it really affordable with you. Also, there these trendin coupons and vouchers that can serves in all affiliated shops. Go check Google about it and learn on how does this couponing works like a charm.

Gowns For Every Occasion

August 2, 2014

 photo cheap-prom-dresses-uk_zpsc95158e5.jpg

Times are hard and some women who are getting married think that it would be better to just hold a simple wedding rather than a lavish one. But since it is a once in a lifetime event, if I were the one getting married I would prefer a wedding like no other. I would definitely wear a lovely wedding dress and have plenty of food and drinks for all my family and friends to enjoy. My wedding dress does not necessarily have to be expensive as long as it fits well and suits my taste and personality. There are numerous online stores that sell simple as well as more elaborate wedding attire.

 photo dresses_zps9611172c.png has any style for every bride anywhere in the world. Buy the latest wedding dresses UK available in affordable prices. They also sell bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and flower girl dresses. They are likewise an international supplier of the latest Special Occasion Dresses such as Homecoming, Evening, Cocktail, and Quinceanera Dresses. Furthermore, young girls would be happy to know that they too can shop for a wide selection of the Best Prom Dresses UK in All their items are made of high quality materials and are well-designed, fashionable, unique, and trendy. No wonder they have customers in over 200 nations worldwide.

This online store ships to different countries via express shipping methods like DHL, Fedex, and TNT. It usually takes 3 to 6 days to all major destinations. The shipping fee is determined by the item’s weight, order sub-total, and destination. As for returns and cancellations, orders canceled within 12 hours of payment confirmed will be eligible for a full refund while those canceled 1 and 2 days after payment confirmed will be entitled to a partial refund. Returns and exchanges are only permitted if they are in their original condition. Customers can pay using their credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), wire transfer, and Western Union.

Google glass

May 2, 2014

 photo Google-Glass_zps49407e58.jpg

Google glass is a wearable computer with OHMD (optical head-mounted display) developed by Google in their research and development project named Project Glass. Their mission is to produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer.

Google is considering partnership with sunglass retailers such as Warby Parker and Ray-Ban since the frames do not currently have lenses fitted to them. They may open retail stores to allow customers to try on the device. On the side of Google Glass is located a touchpad which allows users to control the device by swiping through an interface displayed on the screen. It also has the ability to record 720p HD videos and take photos. Google Glass uses many existing Google applications such a Google Maps, Google+, Google Now and Gmail.

In 2012, Google Glass received recognition as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year 2012” by Time Magazine.

But of course nothing is perfect. On 31 July 2013, it was reported that diving while wearing Google Glass is likely to be banned in UK being deemed careless driving and therefore a fixed penalty offense following a decision by the Department for transport. In October 2013, a driver was ticketed for driving with monitor visible to driver (Google Glass) after being pulled over for speeding. The driver was reportedly the first to be ticketed for driving while wearing a Google Glass.

Things to Remember When Buying a Watch Online

April 1, 2014

 photo tumblr_m63cbv0FUk1qe76uxo1_1280_zps7f522633.jpg

Like most men, I love watches. I have been collecting them since time immemorial and I must say that I have quite an impressive collection that is the envy of a lot of my friends. Although most of them are not luxury timepieces, I am sure I will still get a hefty amount if ever I decide to sell them. Most of the time I buy my watches at a brick and mortar store, but there were instances when I bought them online. This can be both fun and challenging because there are many choices available, making it hard to choose. You can find affordable watches as well as luxury brands online. Make sure though that you have enough basic knowledge to shop online for the right watch or else you would end up buying a replica instead of an authentic watch that you have been dying to purchase.

Before you decide to buy a watch, check first the website’s purchase protection. Do not buy a watch from a site that has no purchase protection. Many sites spend a lot of money on sophisticated technology that would ensure that no fraudulent transactions are made and that shoppers are able to buy with confidence. Only shop at a reputable store if you are buying a luxury timepiece, carefully check if they are a member of any accredited organization and make sure that they have a guarantee and return policy. You also have to be wary of luxury watches that are too affordable. If the price is too good to be true, then it is probably a fake.

One site where you can purchase men’s watches at extremely affordable prices is They have a huge variety of men’s watch available at amazing prices. Take for instance the Casio MQ24-7BLL men’s watch which sells for only 8.03 pounds. There are also many popular brands like Timex Gents, Urban Male, Puma Active, Timberland, Kahuna Gents, Ice-Watch, Thomas Earnshaw, and Marc Ecko. With over 2,000 watches to choose from, there is definitely one for every kind of guy. Remember, buying a watch online is fun and extremely safe if you shop at secure sites like Tesco.


Find the perfect men’s wedding rings

March 28, 2014

 photo wedding-bands_zps4e23321d.jpg

Weddings only happen once. It is vital that you go for a wedding ring that will give you memories of this day for a long time to come. The difficult part is usually in choosing the perfect wedding ring for men. In the early days men never used to wear wedding rings. This is because they were costly. Jewelers have considered designing stylish wedding rings specifically meant for men that can complement to that of their woman. So which is the perfect wedding ring for men? You can choose to buy your rings online. This will make your work easy as you will not walk from store to store. These stores have gold, platinum and silver rings at affordable costs.

It is important that you go for comfort when buying your wedding ring. To know if a ring is comfortable, you should look at the size and width. You should also go for rings that have rounded edges and are soft. click for more styles of titanium and stainless steel wedding rings. Also, If the curve inside the ring is not soft, then it will definitely be uncomfortable. You should go for a ring that will not be easy to notice. This will give you an easy time as you will comfortably go around doing your errands without any worries.

The other thing that you should consider is style. It will be good to get a matching wedding band with that of your partner. You should go for a style that you both love. There are different styles that you can choose to get the perfect wedding ring on your wedding day. There are several online stores that have a variety of wedding rings that you can choose from. The best part is that you will get one that is a perfect that match that of your fiancée.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to men’s wedding bands. You can choose gold, palladium or platinum rings. If you would like something that is stronger, then you can buy tungsten or titanium. Any of these choices will look great on you. They all depend on the amount that you are willing to spend. You will get something that is worth your money. In case you are on a tight budget, then stainless steel is always the better option. Most people opt for diamonds; however, they are usually expensive. Getting the perfect wedding band depends on how much you are willing to spend. You will still getting a classy piece even if you are on a tight budget. If your on a tight budget this website has deals on just about all of there mens wedding rings.

There are different rings that you can buy for your wedding. Remember, you should get a ring that will give you a pleasant memory for a long time to come. Go for the design that will make you feel comfortable. It is worth the effort to go shopping for a nice piece of ring for that special day. You can go with your partner to help you choose the appropriate wedding band. It is always worth it to shop for a wedding band.

Classy gifts for your man on your anniversary

March 18, 2014

I’m talking to the ladies here. Everyone knows that getting gifts for men is damn near impossible. Or at least it seems that way. Well, I’m a man, and I’d like to offer up some easy advice on making us happy on our anniversary. No matter what type of gift you decide on, it should always be accompanied with a complement on how handsome we are, how much you appreciate us, and how handsome we are. Again. If you abide by this very simple guideline, you can’t fail. You may stumble, but you’ll have the foundation upon which to get up and make amends. In all seriousness though, it’s easy.

Everyone knows that the best and fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach. The right meal is just the same as a seduction. As you prepare the ingredients, our heart rate increases as we begin to imagine how the meal will unfold. As you begin to toss those prepared morsels of whatever into the pan, the aromas of marrying flavors starts to tease us and make us sweat with anticipation. Finally, when you present the completed dish, we melt into your every whim . When my girlfriend makes me a special meal, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and love for her. Also, it’s cheap.

 photo Watchbuyers3-1_zps36d5ff4f.jpg

If money isn’t really an issue, get your man a watch. Really though, don’t just get him any watch, get him only a Rolex. It will undoubtedly tell your special man that he is second to no one and prioritized behind nothing. It represents timelessness and class in such an elegant fashion as to be rarely found elsewhere. A Rolex also represents an investment in the long term and a dedication to the idea that no matter what level of excellence you’ve achieved, you can always learn upon your experiences and build to greater heights. I know that a Rolex can cost a handsome sum, but the good news is that you’ll only ever have to buy one. Go online and check out what makes a Rolex a Rolex at rolex watch repairs or rolex service center and the sentiment of my claims will be immediately confirmed.

 photo Watchbuyers3-2_zps217d7944.jpg

A getaway, plain and simple. If there’s a guy out there who wouldn’t appreciate an escape to either a nice hotel room, or a secluded campsite on the beach, I don’t want to know him. Organizing the right getaway for him shows him that you understand him. You get what he likes and what he doesn’t. It illustrates that you love him enough to endure sleeping in a tent out in the cold or that you too love to stay up late and search for shooting stars. My girlfriend took me camping to Yosemite for our very first anniversary and I still think back fondly to tramping through vast fields of wild flowers and dunks in the frigid rivers and lakes. One of the things that makes a trip together like this so special is that it really give you two the chance to connect and communicate.

 photo Watchbuyers3-3_zps975b2518.jpg

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