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My Men’s Finds Picks At

May 18, 2018

As you noticed with this blog of mine, I usually make my picks whenever I found new store to shop with. Because I wanna give you an idea on what kind of pieces or fashion finds that you might get for the certain online store am sharing over here. So today, let me share with you first the shop name called where all the finest fashion finds around the web today where houses and even sells out for a very reasonable prices. Yes! that’s why I loved this shop most. Because they did offer a great finds to everyone and at the same time the pricing ranges are not too much especially for those students out there who has a limited budget to do shopping.

I was avid fan of this shop ever since due to their trendy and latest finds for both men and women. Thus, if you are on lookout for the best shop that could cater your fashion needs. Go check this out first and see what they could offer you best. But mostly, you’ll get more as they have a wide array of selections of their fashion collections in both gender.

Below are my best picks that you might also wanna get:

Asymmetric Sexy Hollow Out T-shirt

Crew Neck Stripe Distressed Flag Print T-Shirt

Casual Two-tone Star Print Sleeves T-shirt

These are the 3 tees I wanna get to them. Because these 3 are to fine for the summer season. And I simply liked them being basic and light. You can fine more like these here for your own convenience.


Wear Wigs and look at your best!

May 11, 2018

14″ Ombre Blonde Bob Synthetic Lace Front Wig

In the world of business, they says that the only permanent was the change. Because everything in this world were moving and changing as the time goes by, and this mantra also applies in fashion wherein you’ll have to be adopting on what’s new and not in the world of classy and fancy run away. Today, am about to introduce with you this awesome online shop here called themselves as Everydaywigs where you could find all the finest and perfect styles wigs that you can use off as you wanna change your look for the time being or either for the short period of time. Because this shop could offer us a bunch of selections of their styled wigs that can definitely make us look stunning and classy.

24″ Blonde Ombre wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

24″ Blonde Ombre Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Wigs are making noise actually these days throughout of the fashion industry. Because models and fashion icons are preferring themselves to have worn these wigs as they’ve got their own walks in the gala instead of themselves killing times at the hair salon just to make their hair done for like a short period of time for an event, which is not so practical to do at all, on my opinion. Hence, getting themselves some wigs are the best to do thus it was so easy to install on your head and you can do it yourself alone within a minute or so.

24″ Mix Color Long Curly Synthetic Lace Front Wig

And if you’re asking me though what are the best wigs to have from Everydaywigs – I’ll probably say these ombre lace front wigs or these chic blonde lace front wigs if you want to have characters. Because these two types wigs are not so common for the Asians to wear off, so having them on your end should required a great attitude for your character to be on point.

Now, you can check the shop today and see what they could offer you best! But am telling you that there all selling wigs are too quality and worth to buy!

My Best 3 Picks At

May 9, 2018

One of the leading brand or online store has now on sale as for the celebration of the mother’s day. The shop am talking about was this online shop called where all the chic finds for both men and women were houses and even sells out for a very reasonable and cheapest prices. Folks, you may now use the code: MOM513 before you checkout for you to have the discount applies. Actually, I was really fond to this shop above all the stores available today in the market. Because they really has all the trendiest and lastest designs for fashion and they keep on making their items on sales or to the discounted prices which is too rarely for the leading shop such like them. Hence if you are keen for some fashion finds to get whether for men and women, you should first check them as they have all the best deals to offer you!

Today, let me share with you my 3 picks to have from them as these 3 are too fine and better for the summer season. You can also do yours by visiting the shop alone for your convenience.

Flower Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt

First off to my list was this flower pattern shirt. Because this really suits in for the current season today which is summer. And I merely sees some dope guys wearing this kind these days hence why not to have it myself as well, right? This shirt is only 25 USD from the shop and if you buy off the same kind to your fave brand outside, it’ll surely cost you for around 50 USD for a single shirt which is not practical at all.

Two Tone Raglan Sleeve Patterned Tee

This two toned tee really gets my attention. Because this was my first then in seeing such dope find here which is too fine for me to kill this summer. Hence, am getting one of these soon and let you know how it was looks like in person. But am pretty sure the quality of this tees is superb because it’s from the line raglan which is well known for their quality of tees.

Striped Short Sleeve Tee

This bee inspired tee here really suits well for summer. Because summer outfit should be or meant to be colorful. And having a touch of yellow to your wardrobe this summer is really a must! Go check over for more selections of these summer tees that only available on their shop.


Summer Plus Size Clothing at

April 5, 2018

Summer is just around the corner and I know most of you were too excited to have some shopping done for this most awaited summer time. Hence, if you are a plus size beauty and still wanting to be looking so fashionable and sexy by wearing some dope swimwear in you, all you have to do is to check this shop called where all the plus size swimwear were houses and selling over for a very cheap price. You can confirm this by check the site yourself and see what kind of swimsuits really fits your tastes.

Plus Size Polka Dot One-piece Swimwear

Plus Size Low Cut Graphic Swimwear

Tropical Palm Floral Halter Plus Size Ladder Cut Bikini

As you can see on the photos on top, you can see there a bunch of selection for curvy swimwear that really makes you look stunning and gorgeous and of course, you can have them all over as they have all the designs available for this find. Also, if you are onto regular sizes its good for you as the shop offer a wide array of swimwear collection that you could choose from with base on your own fashion style. You can have more plus size bikins on the shop for your own convenient. Go ahead and check them out today before they’ll run out of stocks soon.

Polka Dot Plus Size Tiered Flounce Bikini

Plus Size Chiffon Floral Printed Cami Asymmetric Top

Plus Size Tribal Print Handkerchief Hem Tank Top

If you are looking for plus size one piece here you can definitely find something that you could wear off during summer or over the beach. Because these swimwear are too fine in the beach as they have a bright colors or neon color accentual in each that make the swim piece quirky and in trend. Also, you can check their rosegal plus size tank tops that are too demand these days for the plus size women – might as well you’ll get an interests to them too. Go check the shop now and buy all the summer clothing you needed.

Rosegal Your Plus Size Shop

April 5, 2018

If you have a curvy type of body and kinda hard for you to find any clothes to kill. No worries then, because I have found this online shop that can caters all you need. And the shop called as where all the plus size clothing were houses and selling over for a very cheapest prices. Actually, this shop is for both men and women as they caters in both genders and not just that, as they has some regular sizes as well for the regular clothing that you can surely enjoy. You can check the shop yourself and see on how awesome their each finds were.

Plus Size Moulded Bikini Top

Plus Size Geometric Front Slit Swim Top

Crochet Tassel Plus Size Cover-Up

The shop, rosegal, is pretty reputable and reliable for their items. Thus, a lot of fashion icons and forwards even us bloggers are too keen to have some fashion finds to them. Because their items are too fine and  not just that, as they have their own factor that produces their items, meaning they could ship out the items you’d wanted in a very timely manner. I have actually tried them before when I bought my plus size jacket and I must say that the jacket were too good and the material used were quite resembles to the original brand.

Plus Size Halter Tropical Tankini Swimsuit 

Flounce Plus Size Flowers Print Swimsuit

Plus Size Crochet Openwork Cover-Up

Rosegal offers a free shipping worldwide without a minimum spent unlike what the usual online shops out there online that asked for the shipping fee when you’re overseas. Firstly, you can try or confirm this by getting your fashion finds here and might you have your first sexy plus size tankins too that are too timely for this season summer. But if you aren’t fond to tankins you can also have some other finds that are too summery feels as the shop,, is too board when it comes to their selling clothes more here.

A Guide To Picking Two Piece Prom Dress For You

March 19, 2018

Two Piece High Neck Floor-Length Tribal Satin Prom Dress with Pockets

Women are tend to have as many of the fashion  finds they could have. Because they’re all naturally vain and wanting to be more looking neat and beautiful most of the time. Thus, when a lady had her prom day you’ll be expecting then to have them crazed and quite intense in picking the right gown for them to kill. But mostly, they’re all ended up having the basic one as they don’t know where the best place to buy off these fancy gowns for promenade.

Two Piece Round Neck Open Back Long Prom Dress with Pockets Split

Glamorous Pink Floral Prom Dress – Off the Shoulder Floor Length with Lace Beading

Good thing, that I knew one online shop here that are too reliable and reputable when it comes to their casual and formal wears. And the shop called themselves as Actually, this shop is being promoted by these well known bloggers and fashion forward people in the industry thus there was an assurance that all of their finds here were too fine and in good quality. In addition, they selling out their finds in a very reasonable price unlikely to the other same brands or shops who doesn’t care to have any of their dresses on sale which is quite unreasonable for the end of the consumer like yourself.

Two Piece Mermaid Spaghetti Straps Maroon/Lavender Stretch Satin Prom Dress with Lace

Two Piece Off-the-Shoulder Short Sleeves Pearl Pink Prom Dress with Lace

When picking gowns for your prom. You have to make sure that the gown is well fitted to you and if you considered in buying your gown at they’ll definitely work hard on your sizes and deliver the gown on your doorstep in a perfect shape and it does fits on you well for sure as they asked your measurements first before you can checkout the item off.

Two Piece Spaghetti Straps White Chiffon Prom Party Dress with Split

Two Piece High Neck Open Back Long Coral Prom Dress with Appliques

And if you were asking me though in which type of dress to get. I’ll definitely suggest any of their two piece prom dresses. Because these dresses are too handy and easily to wear hence a lot of young ladies like yourself are picking this off for their coming promenade night. You can check all the selections at the shop mentioned for your convenient.

Trendy Swimwear To Have This Summer Season

March 7, 2018

Folks are too excited for the spring and summer season to come. Because we’re kinda tired in having this cold breeze of air that the winter had brings. But no worries, because any minute from now, we might have the spring season ready thus you should prepare yourself as early as today.

High Waisted Floral Print Bikini

High Waisted Floral Print Bikini

So, how you can prepare for the humid season? well, the first thing you should do was to buy off your summer outfits. Because these finds are too essentials as they could make yourself comfortable in the humid season henceforth you should pick a piece that is too light and made of cotton as much as possible. And if you are keen and planning to have any beach getaway soon it’s just right for you to have a proper swimwear with you and you can have them all at for a very reasonable prices. Actually, I have checked their selections already and I must say, all of their finds for summer for women and even for men are too chic and fashionable. And as I’ve heard from the people who bought out items from them that each of their items to this shop are too quality and the materials are too fine like the hing-end brands out there hence you should get yourself some at this shop,

High Waist Leaf Print Underwire Bikini

High Waist Leaf Print Underwire Bikini

High Neck Retro Print Padded Bikini

High Neck Retro Print Padded Bikini

High Waisted Asymmetric Ruffle Bikini

High Waisted Asymmetric Ruffle Bikini

For summer ideas to have? Well,  I think you should get the vintage swimwear or the crop top bikini here. Because these pieces were too demand and a lot of folks were pleases to have them other than to the usual designs. And i really suggest you to have the printed ones than to the usual color for swimsuits. Because these patterned made swimwear are too bushy and light that can brings the summer feels in you once you wears one from the shop mentioned,

Cami Striped Bralette Bikini Set

Cami Striped Bralette Bikini Set

Ribbed Textured High Neck Bikini Set

Ribbed Textured High Neck Bikini Set 

Scalloped Bandeau Bathing Suit

Scalloped Bandeau Bathing Suit 

Actually, the shop is pretty reputable and reliable above all the same online stores today. Because a lot of fashion forward people are keep on recommending them throughout online as their products are too fine and yet the prices were to cheap to have. In addition, this shop offer an free shipping as you reached or spent at least a 100 bucks which is a good deals to everyone and we can even maximize our shopping experiences to here.

Go check the shop now for more details about their ongoing promotions. Or you can simply click here to learn more.

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